5 Google Calendar Features You Didn’t Know About

5 Features of Google Calendar You Didn't Know About

Google Tasks is severely underrated! Tasks is one of those tools that keep my life together. Seriously, it’s wonderful!

Google Tasks is a to-do list system that lives inside your Gmail and your Google Calendar. Yes, I said it lives inside. That means your tasks will display in your Google Calendar on the specified dates. It also means that you can turn an email into a task, that will then display in your calendar! Gmail has recently updated (May 2018) to have a sidebar that will display your tasks, similar to the way Google Calendar will display it.

To access Google Tasks, you’ll need to switch from “Reminders” in Google Calendar to “Tasks”. Then, you’re free to add items to your fancy new to-do list! You can even drag the tasks around on the calendar. You know, for those items you didn’t quite get to.

Video for Gmail Tasks

The “Find a Time” feature is a hidden treasure! This feature allows you to schedule based on your “guests” and your available time. This is great for scheduling team meetings, RtI meetings, SpEd meetings, etc. with your fellow teachers.

The trick to this feature, though, is that you need access to the guest’s calendar. By this, I mean that your guest needs to have already shared their calendar with you. This is an easy one-step process that only has to be done once. Once their calendar is shared with you, you can use the “find a time” feature to choose a time that fits both of your schedules without having to contact them directly. Basically, you’re saving yourself from having to wait on someone to get back to you with their availability! I’m sure you’re like me- I will take all the timesavers I can get!

Video Find a Time

Another hidden gem inside Google Calendar is that all events and tasks are draggable! You don’t have to click the event, then click edit, then change the date, then click save to reschedule your event. All you have to do is click and drag to your new date!

Video Draggable Events

Changing the owner of events can be really helpful in a collaborative setting. I found this useful for my content team because we reserve our Chromebook Carts through Google Calendar. Now, after my content team has done our planning, I can take on the task of reserving Chromebooks for all of us. Then, I can transfer the ownership of the reservation to those teachers. This can be used in all sorts of collaborative settings in which a task of adding events is delegated! This feature may be especially helpful for your school nurse and front office superheros!

Video Change of Owner

Appointment slots are a HUGE timesaver when it comes to scheduling parent meetings or even coaching meetings! You can block off time slots in your calendar for others to sign-up and it automatically adds their details to your calendar- making Google Calendar your personal assistant 🙂

Here’s How:

  1. Open your Calendar and view in “Day” or “Week” view.
  2. Click and drag your first block of appointment time (ex. 8:00 – 8:30am)
  3. Click the “Appointment Slots” button under the title (it will default to event, you’ll just switch over)
  4. Set your intervals, and save! Now, all you have to do is send the link!
  5. To send the link, click the appointment slot and edit.
  6. Click “This calendar’s appointment page”.
  7. Copy-and-Paste this URL and send to anyone who needs to schedule an appointment. You’re done!

Video Appointment Slots

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5 Features of Google Calendar You Didn't Know About

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