7 Foolproof Tips for Organizing your Drive

Graphic of frustrated teacher at her computer. 1. Color Code your Folders – We can all use a little COLOR in our lives, am I right?! You can add color to your folders by right clicking on the folder, and clicking “change color”.

2. Save to Multiple Folders – Save a file to multiple folders WITHOUT making a copy! These files will be synced and will update at the same time. Click on the file once (so it’s highlighted blue), then press Shift Z, and follow the prompts.

3. Delete those Pesky Shared Files – Have you opened your “Shared with Me” folder and had an IDEK reaction?! If you are NOT the owner, you can delete these files without affecting everyone else’s. BE CAREFUL! If you are the owner and delete the file/folder, it will delete for everyone else, too. If you are unsure, just right click the file, click “View Details”, and the owner’s information will appear

4. Title Everything You Add/Create as You Go– I know this sounds obvious, BUT we all have our moments of “I’ll do that later”. Microsoft Word prompts you to title and choose a save location before you exit; Google, however, autosaves, so you must add the title on your own! #dontforget

5. Take Advantage of Folders – Just as you do with any other storage (flash drive, documents, etc.) organize your files into folders. You can even put subfolders inside your folders! Don’t be afraid of creating folders!

6. Search FeaturesI definitely use the search feature more than I’d like to admit…I can never remember what I titled it! Luckily, Google has my back! We can search by owner, file type, or even by text! The search by text even works for text inside your pdf files! Say Whaaaat?! Just click the drop-down arrow in the search bar at the top of your Drive, and voila

7. Create Templates for Yourself! – Create your Doc, Slide, Sheet, or Drawing, but in your title, type the word “TEMPLATE” and use that one to make a copy each time. For example: “Modified Schedule TEMPLATE”. Next time you need the template, find it in your Drive, Make a Copy, and fill that sucker out!

Switching from OneDrive to Google Drive? Check out Google’s Quick Guide!

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