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The absolute BEST thing you can do as an Instructional Technology Coach (or educator, even) is to build your PLN (Personal Learning Network)! Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you can be pretty easy with social media; my current obsession is Twitter. I can get sucked into my Twitter feed for waaaaaay longer than I’d like to admit. 🙃

Here is a list of the people who inspire me most; click on their names to follow their links! 

  • Alice Keeler: Teacher, Google Certified Innovator, author of “50 Things to Go Further with Google Classroom,” as well as an awesome blog 
  • Jenn Judkins: Digital Learning Coordinator, Google Certified Trainer 
  • Jim Farmer: Instructional Technology Specialist at my local RESA (aka: “Best-ITEC-Specialist-I-Know”) ☺️
  • Class Tech Tips: Dr. Monica Burns, EdTech and Curriculum Consultant
  • Catlin Tucker: Google Certified Teacher, Blended Learning Expert & Best-Selling Author 
  • Eric Sheninger: Principal, author of “Digital Learning: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times” and “Uncommon Learning: Creating Schools that Work for Kids”
  • Kathy Schrock: Educational Technologist and Speaker
  • Kasey Bell: author of ShakeUpLearning.com giving Educational Technology resources; provides Google Training
  • Crystal Jenkins: Instructional Coach and Blogger
  • Matt Miller: Google Certified Innovator, Author
  • HyperDoc.Co: Site with all things HyperDoc


I love to build my PLN, so please send more inspirational people my way on Twitter! 

Happy Following!

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