Embedded Table of Contents (Teacher Websites)

An embedded Table of Contents has been a game-changer in my Interactive Notebook World. This may sound dramatic, but GONE are the days of me printing and re-printing (and, then, re-printing again) mounds of copies of random IN pages and sitting with students during my planning to catch up their missing pages. Absolutely gone! Now, my students go to my website and print missing pages off themselves on their own time. #Accountability 

I chose to embed my Table of Contents rather than making it directly into my website portal because of the simplicity of Google Slides. I made my ToC in Google Slides because it’s much easier to edit, and I don’t have to do as much clicking to get to it. Ain’t nobody got time for extra clicking around!

To keep my ToC up-to-date, I type my entries and then hyperlink the assignment name to the document (image, pdf, answer key, etc.). Hyperlinks are key to making this your game-changer. This may sound like more work than you want to do upfront, but it’s a lot less time than re-printing and copying those random pages and guiding students through their INs. I use the Scannable App to quickly upload a picture (which it converts to pdf) to my Google Drive, which gives me the link to add to my Table of Contents. This definitely increases my workflow with adding links! {Another tip to linking is a keyboard shortcut: in Drive, click on the file (until it’s blue) and press the “period” key to open your Share Settings.}

The link above will lead you to a tutorial video I made for my fellow teachers that will take you step-by-step in embedding your Table of Contents. 

Happy Embedding! 

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