Gaining Efficiency with Gmail Groups (Instructional Technology)


Organize your contacts into groups you use often in Gmail. My technology workshops are geared towards all content teachers, but I also had to schedule workshops for our SpEd teachers. My inclusion SpEd teachers and my self-contained SpEd teachers had different planning periods, making scheduling our workshops challenging. I was able to maximize efficiency when I discovered Gmail Contact Groups!
I made separate groups for my teachers. Contacts can be added to multiple groups, so I’m able to have all sorts of groups! I have one for all teachers, separate teams of teachers, SpEd Inclusion, SpEd Self-Contained, etc.

These groups also carry over to Google Calendar…YAY! Major time-saver. I can create events and add guests by groups. Gmail will also allow me to send them notifications if I make changes to the events.

The How-to-Guide is something I made for our SpEd teachers, who have to schedule IEP Meetings, our counselor, who schedules 504 and Attendance Meetings, our secretary, and our para who helps us with ISS, who gathers work for ISS students. The links go to screencasts which can help give you a visual πŸ™‚


Happy Grouping!

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