Google FAQs and Keyboard Shortcuts (Instructional Technology)

Over the last few years, our teachers have been encouraged, or expected in some districts, to integrate digital learning into their classrooms. My role has been to support teachers at my school in this new journey. As you would expect with any new tool, my fellow teachers and I learned a lot!Β 

I compiled a list of common FAQs from both teachers and students about using Google Classroom, along with a list of my favorite keyboard shortcuts.

I recommend that my teachers learn a few at a time, and share a few relevant keyboard shortcuts with their kiddos while they’re using the Chromebooks.Β 

Click here to access the FAQs and Keyboard Shortcuts page.Β 


All links go to either a step-by-step page or a screencast. Additionally, I added some of my favorite keyboard shortcuts. Feel free to share with teachers or students πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

Happy Googling!Β 

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