Grading HyperDocs, an Efficient Strategy

Grading HyperDocs

I LOVE using HyperDocs in the classroom, but grading them can be cumbersome! HyperDocs allow for exploring content, applying concepts, and assessing concepts. This can make grading somewhat difficult. I’ve got a few tricks to help you out!

What is a HyperDoc?

Let’s back up just a second. HyperDocs are a way to house multimedia sources in one place for your students. Typically, HyperDocs contain links, images, or videos, or a combination. My favorite aspect of HyperDocs is that we can allow our students to have more CHOICE and COLLABORATION in their assignments in a much easier way than we could have before HyperDocs.

G-Suite for Education makes creating HyperDocs and pushing them out to students super easy. Typically, HyperDocs are created in Google Docs and shared with students via Google Classroom. Need more about HyperDocs? Check out this blog for more info and samples!

In my typical HyperDoc, the first task is to watch a video or videos and answer comprehension questions. Then, task two might be to apply the concepts in guided practice. Finally, task three might be to create a video/audio response to a critical thinking question. It would take me FOREVER to grade each of these sections x 98 students. I would choose ONE task to grade; in this case, I would grade either task two or task three. I wouldn’t tell the students this, of course, unless they asked afterwards.

The Table of Contents feature in Google Docs automatically adds hyperlinks to your different sections! Now, you can simply click on the task you want to grade, and it will take you straight there! No more scrolling around!!

How-To Guide:

  1. Determine how many tasks you’ll need and determine what will be completed in those tasks
  2. Use “Header 1” to type “Task One: _____”. Hit “enter” key to move down one line. This should automatically change it to “normal text”. Type the details of your Task One.
  3. Repeat step #2 until all of your tasks are outlined and finished.
  4. Click “Insert”
  5. Hover over “Table of Contents” and choose the style you’d like (page numbers or no page numbers)
  6. You’re finished! If you update your Tasks, you can click on the refresh button inside the Table of Contents, and it will update.

**NOTE** You must use the “Header” tags for this to work. The Table of Contents pulls those tags. It won’t work if you adjust the font size without using the Header tags.

Need a Sample? Check out this one!

Sample {Middle Grades Science}

How do you avoid spending hours grading HyperDocs? Leave a comment to share your strategy 🙂

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