HyperDocs (Instructional Technology)


What is a HyperDoc?

HyperDocs are a way to house multimedia sources in one place for your students. Typically, HyperDocs contain links, images, or videos, or a combination. My favorite aspect of HyperDocs is that we can allow our students to have more CHOICE and COLLABORATION in their assignments in a much easier way than we could have before HyperDocs. 

HyperDoc “Must-Haves”

HyperDocs MUST have a few key elements to avoid being a glorified worksheet your students complete on a Chromebook. An easy way to guide your development of a HyperDoc is to consider…

the {4Cs}: Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Collaboration. I would like to add a 5th “C” to our list: Choice. While it’s ideal to have all 5Cs in your HyperDoc, that may not be realistic in every case.  I recommend starting small for your first HyperDoc, and building from there.

For your first HyperDoc, maybe you could focus on “Choice” and “Communication” or “Choice” and “Critical Thinking”.  

Here are suggestions for meeting 5Cs: 

1. Communication: Include a link to a site like {Padlet} or a “shared” Google Doc to allow Ss to communicate with each other about their learning. 

2. Critical Thinking: Ask questions or guide students to apply the information they have just learned by using higher DOK leveled questions. 

3. Creativity: This aspect can be focused more on the “product” your students are creating to demonstrate mastery, not necessarily in your HyperDoc. However, you can use your creative skills by ensuring the HyperDoc is appealing and engaging for your students! 

4. Collaboration: To extend your assignment, you could include a link of a “Partner’s List” for your students to collaborate in their assignment. You could also give Ss the opportunity to work together to demonstrate content mastery. Similarly to the “Creativity” step, this aspect can be focused more on the product your students are creating. 

5. Choice: My favorite “C”! Choice can be provided in the way in which your Ss gain knowledge and in the way in which they demonstrate mastery of the content. A great tool to use with choice in content delivery is {OneTab}. You can provide a link to your OneTab on the HyperDoc and allow the Ss to choose from the list. To provide choice to Ss to demonstrate mastery of the content, you could provide a link to a BINGO-type choice board. 

Refer back to the HyperDoc Checklist in the beginning of this post 🙂 


1. Type your HyperDoc in a “table” format. Put links in one column, questions/prompts in one column, and a place for S answers in another column.  Providing a BOX for student responses has been the easiest way for my students to use. 

2.Don’t reinvent the wheel! Use a template that’s already been created. Click {here} for templates. 

3. Start small to avoid being overwhelmed. 

4. Test your HyperDoc links! Sounds silly, but be sure ALL of your links work properly before pushing out to your Ss. Also, if your school uses a filter for videos, be sure to get approval before pushing out to your students. 

5. Give Student Surveys. Use Google Forms to survey the effectiveness of your HyperDoc from your S’s perspective- see what Ss liked or disliked; ask if your Ss thought it was “easy-to-use”. 

Other Resources for HyperDocs

Click the links below to access additional resources. 

  1. YouTube Tutorials 
  2. Templates
  3. Video/Podcast
  4. How to Upgrade your Worksheet to Include the 4Cs


Happy Creating! 

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