Maximize your Workflow in Follow-Up Support (Coaching Advice)

I’m always a fan of time-savers, and this is a MAJOR time-saver! Providing IMMEDIATE follow-up support after coaching is key in ensuring your teachers know that you are on their side and that you are valuable to them. This can be pretty easy (time-wise) after one-on-one coaching, but can be a bit overwhelming after large group workshops or multi-session workshops. I recently hosted a workshop that consisted of eight different sessions throughout one day in which teachers were required to attend at least one session. Because of other meetings going on during the day (gotta love in-service days!), some teachers were only able to attend certain sessions. I wanted to provide ALL hand-outs and materials for EACH session to everyone, even if they did not attend. I put all of these up on our Google Classroom for PD, but knowing my teachers, I knew I needed to email them also. Here comes my MAJOR time-saver…drumroll, please…


Autocrat is a mail-merge-type of Google Sheets add-on that allows you to send customized (with data based on Google Form submissions) document IMMEDIATELY after the user submits the form! There are so many uses for this…workshop summaries, certificates, PLC agendas, giving students automatic feedback (if they have email access), sending bulk letters of any kind, and I’m sure you can think of a hundred more! 

The first time I used Autocrat, I used it to send a summary of my teachers’ recent technology workshop sessions. This summary was important because teachers were required to attend at least one session, so this gave them a sense of “evidence” of attending. I customized and sent out 47 documents in less than 10 minutes. Say whaaaat??!!

When I say customized, I mean you can not only customize the data in the document, but you can also customize the name of the document (<<Name>>’s Summary), the email that will be sent out, and it even saves all of the documents to a folder in YOUR Google Drive. Told you, it’s a major time-saver! 

Click for a How-To-Guide for Autocrat with links to screencasts and other tutorials.

Happy Merging! 


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