Needs Assessment (Coaching Advice)

When beginning your journey as an Instructional Technology Coach (or anytime you are coaching a new group of people), it is imperative to assess your colleague’s needs. One thing we, as educators, can agree on is that not all Professional Development (PD) is relevant to our immediate needs. A couple surveys before your first workshop can greatly influence the receptiveness of your colleagues to your ideas. In my experience, I began coaching my fellow teachers (of three years). Wh ile I knew my fellow teachers very well (we’re a small faculty of about 45) and had developed a relationship with most, I still felt the need to reach out with a survey, not only to get a peek into their minds, but also to let them know that I care about their wants and their needs. 

I (along with some of my colleagues) developed two surveys that I think will help you gain a vast amount of insight.

Survey One: Adopter Level Survey- This survey will give you insight to the openness of your colleagues to new tools and to technology integration into their classroom. 

Adopter Level Survey

Survey Two: LoTi Level Survey- This survey will give you insight to the levels of technology use in your colleagues classroom.

LoTi Level Survey

**HOW TO MAKE A COPY OF THESE SURVEYS: Clicking the images will bring you to a Google Sheets of an empty responses (once you sign-in and click “Make a Copy”). To edit or view the Google Form from the Sheets, you will need to click “Form” (top banner), then click either “Edit Form” or “Go to Live Form”. Your Form will be ready to use!

**BE SURE TO: Make your colleagues aware that these surveys are NOT a “gotcha”, rather a tool to help you, their coach, plan your workshops to best fit their needs. Having a “Partnership” approach with your colleagues is key to your success. 

Both surveys reflect concepts based on Jim Knight’s “Partnership Approach” outlined in his book, Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction. 

Happy Surveying! 

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