OneTab Chrome Extension (Instructional Technology)


My new FAVORITE Chrome Extension is…drumroll, please…OneTab!
Here’s what it does: OneTab converts all of your open tabs to a list. You can, then, name the list and share the list. You can have multiple lists going in your OneTab list to keep it separate and organized.

How I use it: I know you can think of a million reasons this is useful for your own personal organization, so I’ll just share how I use it with my students. Basically, I share groups of website links with OneTab through Google Classroom.

For example, if I need my students to do research, but want to limit the websites they’re using, I’ll share the list I’ve created with OneTab. Another example is to give my students a list of YouTube videos to choose from to gain the information. You know our students love to make their own choices! The third way that I’ve used OneTab with my students is when we had a project that had multiple links they needed to visit (padlet, wiki, etc.). It’s just an easy (and organized) way to share a list of links with your students!

The How-to-Guide takes you step-by-step through using OneTab to share links with your students through Google Classroom.

Happy Sharing!

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